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Original Epson T5070/T7000/T7080 Printhead-FA10000Original Epson T5070/T7000/T7080 Printhead-FA10000US$1,089.00  US$1,049.00
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FAQ For Your Care

Q: Why can’t I view or register on the website?
A: Please check your username, whether your password is correct, and make sure your IE supports cookies.

Q: Why I should I become a member of www.wercan.com ?
A: WERCAN has many benefits for members, for example they can get a 2% to 10% discount. Registered members do not need to enter the same contact information when inquiring or ordering again , and they can check and manage and track their orders and inquiries via net program connection automatically

Q: Product Warranty
A: WERCAN online products include remote technical support and maintenance, If no special request about the products is made, the warranty time is 12 months from the receiving time. For VIP customers, the warranty time is 18 months from the receiving time.

Q: What we do after the invoice is confirmed?
A: Based on the value of the invoice, please make payment to be directed to our bank account or other transfer ways; After payment, please provide a copy of it to us or confirm it with our sales online. Following, your order will be forwarded to the shipment section in WERCAN.

Q: How long will it take for the goods to be shipped out after the payment is confirmed?
A: After receiving your payment, the goods will generally be shipped out within 12 to 36 working hours, if no special request about them is made.

Q: How many days will it take for the goods to arrive to our customers?
A: To answer this question, please refer to the means of shipment
Global Express: 3 to 6 days does not include preparation time
Maritime transportation: Generally 10 to 45 days, depending on the consignee country. (there are different delivery times for different countries).

Q: How to resolve damage during shipping
A: If damage is found upon receiving your product, please contact your sales representitive as soon as possible, and provide a clear photo of said damage. The representitive will assist you in handling this type of problems.

Q: Ports of delivery
A: Our main delivery ports in China are: Shanghai, Lingpo, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Dalian. These cover nations mostly and therefore reduce your costs.

Q: How to submit a VIP member upgrade application?
A: Please login to our Web site www.wercan.com, and click on "My Account" . Then, click on "Member’s upgrade" and fill in the form to submit, the application will be handled during the following 24 hours as long as your level has reached our VIP member qualification

Q: How to inquiry information about products of interest?
A: Please put your inquiry in your inquiry basket and submit it, our Customer Service representatives will get in touch with you as long as possible

Q: Where is the online payment made?
A: Please login to www.wercan.com, and click on "My Account". Then, please click on "Online payment", and you will see the PayPal logo or other payment methods

Q: What constitutes our working hours?
A: Refer to our “local working time”.
We can provide 24 hours of service in urgent situations. During our working time, we will provide you with professional services.

Q: How to refund?
A: We can make refunds through PayPal, Bank T/T or Western Union

Q: What about the packaging?
A: We make sure packaging keeps the products in good condition, when the packaging is found damaged after receiving the goods, please call our Customer Service Representitives directly and also send an email to [email protected]

Q: How to place an order for VIP member special price products?
A: Please login in on www.wercan.com with your VIP account, then place the order or an inquiry under your account, our system will automatically handle your order or inquiry as a VIP customer.

Q: Can I purchase products not shown in the website?
A: Yes, you can.
Please contact our sales representitives after your registration, or send an email directly to [email protected]