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Original Epson Pro GS6000 Printhead-F188000Original Epson Pro GS6000 Printhead-F188000US$1,699.00  US$1,600.00
Save: 6% off
Original Epson T5070/T7000/T7080 Printhead-FA10000Original Epson T5070/T7000/T7080 Printhead-FA10000US$1,089.00  US$1,049.00
Save: 4% off

Buyer Reviews

1/Mr. Douglas Babriel from Brazil
Name: Mr. Douglas Babriel
Country: Brazil
Product: Printhead and all kinds of spare parts
Date: Jan.18, 2013
We are offering technical services for all kinds of Large Format Printers in Brazil, we buy printheads and printer spare parts each month, they have OEM spare parts for Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, the quality is good with very competitive price, we also buy spare parts for Chinese printers like WER,Gongzheng, Infiniti, Flora, Human, etc, Its very convenient for one distributor to solve all kinds of problem. I’m sure we can cooperate more and more in the future.

2/Mr. Mahmoud Kamal from Saudi Arabia
Name: Mr. Mahmoud Kamal
Country: Saudi Arabia
Product: Epson R1390 Printhead
Date: July.7, 2014
I’m a sign business owner in Saudi Arabia. I bought a laser mark engraver from WERCAN before and was very satisfied with their after-sale service. Every time I have trouble handling the machine, they will appoint me a very professional technician to provide video instruction. I met them on their booth in 2014 Shanghai Expo AD & signage Exhibition and bought a R1800 head again. Hope we could enjoy a long-term business relationship.

3/ Mr. Nikola Rujevic from South Africa
Name: Mr. Nikola Rujevic
Country: South Africa
Product: Seiko Printhead
Date: Mar.16, 2015
I’m a manager from Digifab, South Africa. I bought a Seiko printhead from WERCAN. So far the head is working absolutely fine, very good quality. I’ll certainly consider buying from their site again.

4/ Mr. Azlan Tan from Malaysia
Name: Mr. Azlan Tan
Country: Malaysia
Product: 1390 UV Flatbed Machine
Date: Mar.25, 2015
I am a signage maker, my 600mm x 900mm uv flatbed machine is too small, I want to change a bigger one. Every day I got so many quotation and email from alibaba. I felt very headache to compare. One of my friend introduced WERCAN to me. They have fast and very professional advice. I choose one 1390 uv flatbed machine one year ago, now it still work perfectly. My machine enjoys 2 years quality guarantee, I felt very safe. Besides, I bought some lens, cutter, on their website, nice quality and very fast shipping. I like it. I met them on their booth in 2014 Shanghai Expo AD & signage Exhibition, hope WERCAN become more and more stronger.

5/ Mr. Bharatkumar Desai from India
Name: Mr. Bharatkumar Desai
Country: India
Product: Printer parts for Roland RS640
Date: Nov.21, 2014
I’m Bharatkumar Desai from India. We bought several times from WERCAN. They always provide the products with good price and quality. That gave us a great help! All the spare parts of my machines, we could find what we want from WERCAN. Good luck to WERCAN.

6/ Mr.David Machavariani from Latvia
Name: Mr.David Machavariani
Country: Latvia
Product: Flex banner, vehicle wraps
Date: Nov.21, 2014
My name is David Machavariani, I am an owner of a signage shop, my main clients are the advertising boards owner in high way and some car owner, so I need high quality printing media for my clients. But here the printing media is too expensive, I have spent too much money until I found www.wercan.com. this online shop can provide high quality printing media, such as flex banner, adhesive pvc vinyl, vehicle wraps, one way vision, oil canvas and so on. I am very happy with their quality and happy to work with them! Hope we can work together for long long time!

7/Mr.Zach Couch from USA
Name: Mr.Zach Couch
Country: USA
Product: KM1024 MHB printhead
Date: Aug.10, 2014
We meet WERCAN at the Shanghai EXPO in July, 2013. They have everything I need to expand my business in local region. Maybe someday I can also become an agent of them. In that way, I can get a very good price. One-stop solution is a very good choice for my company. Thank you!

8/Mr. Bekir Biyik from Turkey
Name: Mr. Bekir Biyik 
Country: Turkey
Product: engraver 
Date: July 7th, 2014
I am interested in engravers and I own a good workshop for signage. WERCAN site has good presentation of machines and I’d like to collect information here. People there are also very nice, very keen to solve my concerns. Great thanks!

9/ Mr.Chudaev Konstantin Aleksandrovich from Russia
Name: Mr.Chudaev Konstantin Aleksandrovich 
Country: Russia
Product: Large format printers
Date: October 11th, 2014  
My name is Chudaev Konstantin Aleksandrovich, I have been engage in laser engraving field for more than 5 years. I would like to buy a printer, because I have bid a printing work in Moscow. I have worked with Mr. Jack before, he is a professional expert in Signage field, so I ask him for help, He just advised me 2 printers for choose from www. wercan.com. I bought one via based on his advice. Thanks a lot for their help !I will introduce more and more friends to purchase on www.wercan.com.

10/ Mr. Izeiah Keizer N. Lim from Philippines
Name: Mr. Izeiah Keizer N. Lim
Country:  Philippines
Product:  DX4 print heads
Date: July 10th, 2012
We met WERCAN on the Shanghai APPPEXPO, we bought DX4 printhead and some other spare parts for our printer from WERCAN, the products are very great, with good service. They are very professional and careful. Hope we can reach some more cooperation in the future.

11/ Mr. Paul Arndt from Germany
Name:  Mr. Paul Arndt
Country:  Germany
Product:  Laser cutter  
Date: July 11th, 2014
My name is Paul Arndt,I have been engage in printing field for more than 10 years. I would like to enlarge my product range. So I ask Mr. Jack for help. He is really a kind guy worked in an excellent company, he advised me to do some metal laser cutting works.I studied it in Germany and found it is very worthy to do. So I purchased the metal laser cutter from www.wercan.com. Thanks a lot for their help! I will introduce more and more friends to purchase on www.wercan.com .

12/Mr. Wayne Thompson from Australia
Name: Mr. Wayne Thompson
Country: Australia
Product: DX5 Printheads
Date:  Dec. 11th, 2014
WERCNA has a very big booth, and they have lots of products and options. I’m deeply impressed. Will keep contact for business, very good company!

13/ Mr.Marco Antonio Ganzalez Higuera from Mexico
Name: Mr.Marco Antonio Ganzalez Higuera
Country: Mexico
Product: cap tops and dx5 printhead
Date: July 6th, 2014
The cap_top is working well, and I am happy with it. It is helpful when I installed the printhead I bought, my machine works like new. Good company!

14/Mr. Mohamed Fathala from Egypt
Name:  Mr. Mohamed Fathala
Country:  Egypt
Product:  DX5 eco-solvent printhead locked  
Date: Aug. 6th, 2014
This is the first time to do business with WERCAN, and it is a pleasant transaction. Nice product. Prompt delivery. Recommend this site. 

15/ Mr Bonkoungou Jules Pascal from Burkina Faso
Name: Mr. Mr Bonkoungou Jules Pascal
Country: Burkina Faso
Product: Compatible Roland EAGLE eco solvent ink
Date: Sep 10th,2014 
My name is Bonkoungou Jules Pascal from Burkina Faso, I own one big printing company in Burkina Faso, I used to bought eco solvent inks from France, the price was real expensive, but last month a friend of mine recommend me to buy it from WERCAN, they offered me $25/L for 150 liters,which is real cheaper now, and the quality is real good also, they guarantee me 36months outdoor durability which is perfect for me. I visited the headquarter of WERCAN in Shanghai, those guys there was very nice to me, they helped me a lot, I can buy all kinds of products online in future.

16/Mr. Adrian Roman from Panama
Name: Mr. Adrian Roman
Country: Panama
Product: Seiko printhead printer
Date: April 20th, 2014
My name is Adrian Roman from Panama, I am one of the top quality printing company in Panama. I have faced the troubles of High price of the HP printers. But WERCAN solved the problem .They can provide the same quality of WER printers similar to Roland printers which was produced by the WER appointed factory. I have visited to the headquarter of WERCAN, nice office and super work! we can get any products from www.wercan.com!

17/ Mr. Mr. Brian Vrskovy from Slovakia
Name: Mr. Mr. Brian Vrskovy
Country: Slovakia
Product: 3D smart mug heat transfer machine  
Date: Feb. 24, 2014
I own sign-making business and resell good products in Italy and Slovakia. Here from WERCAN, I see the possibility of getting multiple machines and materials with favorable shipment from China. I will do more business with WERCAN.